Spring 2014

Dear Neighbor,

Due to the heavy amount of frozen snow that has fallen on our town, Vice President, Dennis Dennerlein, who has tended to the sign in Mary Jane Davies Park for many years, has been prevented from updating our donations progress. The Board of Directors would like to share a mock up of how the sign should currently look, including the flowers!

The sign, like the Manhasset Community Fund itself, has a history. It has endured the wrath of winds and storms and various attempts to move, modify and replace it. Consideration was given to remove the sign altogether due to the maintenance cost factor. Because of the generosity of a loving husband, our sign was replaced a few years back in the memory of another Mary Jane, Atty. Mary Jane Sabino. Any vote to dispense with the sign weighed heavily for it to remain. It is the face of the "Fund" and the reminder that we are a giving community that supports its own. While our affiliation with the Greentree Foundation directs us to evaluate the agencies of the entire Town of North Hempstead by facilitating their funds, the MCF $$ are solely dedicated to local groups that rely heavily on our donations for their work.

As do so many of our residents who happily raise their families in Manhasset and so many professionals and business owners who prosper here, the sense of gratitude and community service is strong, strong enough to give back and pay it forward each year.

Our year is never up! If you have not given your gift this year please do so, either by check to:
Manhasset Community Fund
PO Box 322
Manhasset 11030

OR Simply hit the PayPal button!

Your gift is 100% tax deductible as the MCF is a 501c3 organization. Memorial gifts are welcome. If you send your gift today it will go to the agencies who are appealing for funds right now and are so in need.


Michele Tempesta


Manhasset Community Fund
PO Box 322
Manhasset, NY 11030

Our Mission

The mission of the Manhasset Community Fund shall be to raise funds for the charities and organizations that serve the Manhasset community by public contribution from individuals and businesses in Manhasset, and to distribute those fund among participating charitable institutions. The Manhasset Community Fund may also, from time to time, distribute monies to non-participating charities on an emergency or special needs basis.

Manhasset Community Fund  •  PO Box 322  •  Manhasset, New York 11030  •  516.627.3850

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