Past Presidents

2000 - Present

Wendy Bennett
Michele Tempesta
Sheila Brennan
T.J. Costello
Thomas P. O'Malley
George J. Faeth
Veronica Brooks

1990 - 1999

Arthur Schultheiss
Brian Vincent
Julia Collard
Jonathan Robin

1980 - 1989

Eugene de Staebler, Jr.
William Donohue
Thomas Clancy
Joan Eigo
Jane Hone

1970 - 1979

Philip Atiyeh
Anne Duncan
Donald Chambers
Radm. Howard B. Miller
Dorothy Graubert
David Cowin
Joseph Rizzo
Robert C. Knowles
Donald Pitti

1960 - 1969

L. Don Betowski
Michael Brugal
Gordon Brummer
William F.X. Geoghan, Jr.
Herbert Johnson
William McLaughlin
Mark Steiner
Peter Yaney
Leroy Simpson

1950 - 1959

Lillian Chase
Norris Mundy, Jr.
Thomas H. Bivin
Joseph P. Wilson
Arthur H. Wright
H.K. Norton
Howard Roosmoore
Arnold W. Kleinbecker
Robert Rosenberg
Charles Gallo

Founding, 1946 - 1949

William Parkins
George J. Conway
Frank S. Beckett


Manhasset Community Fund
PO Box 322
Manhasset, NY 11030

Our Mission

The mission of the Manhasset Community Fund is to bring needed support and services to the residents of Manhasset through raising funds for the charities that serve the residents of Manhasset.
The Manhasset Community Fund also serves, from time to time, as a source of funds for emergencies facing those charities.

Manhasset Community Fund  •  PO Box 322  •  Manhasset, New York 11030

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