How to Donate

The vast majority of donations are received the "old-fashion" way... by generous donors mailing a check in response to our annual appeal sent out by mail. Of course we welcome your tax-deductible donation at any time of year! Just make your check payable to Manhasset Community Fund and mail it to us at: 

Manhasset Community Fund
PO Box 322
Manhasset, NY 11030

There are also many other ways you can support the Manhasset Community Fund: 

Matching Gifts
A great way to magnify a donation is to take advantage of any available corporate matching gift programs. We urge any donor with access to such a program to always use it when making any charitable contribution. In most cases, your donation is "matched" or literally doubled by the program, and that really means a lot. So, please send along your matching gift forms with any donation. We are more than happy to help complete them and send them to the matching organization. 

Champions for Charity
Since 2001, the Manhasset Community Fund has been a participating charity in Americana Manhasset's "Champions For Charity" Holiday Shopping Benefit. This philanthropic program is held each year at Americana and Wheatley Plaza in late November/early December for one long weekend. 25% of any pre-tax purchase made at participating stores is donated to the charity designated by the purchaser. Also, 10% of the value of Americana Gift Cards purchased during the Champions Weekend is also donated. Shoppers need only complete a simple registration either on-line at, by calling 627-2277, or visiting the Concierge Office (located between The Gap and Talbots in the Americana Center). 

Please encourage your friends and family to choose this simple method of donating. The Manhasset Community Fund is grateful to those shoppers who have chosen to participate, and to everyone at the Americana for including us in this amazing event. 


Manhasset Community Fund
PO Box 322
Manhasset, NY 11030

Our Mission

The mission of the Manhasset Community Fund is to bring needed support and services to the residents of Manhasset through raising funds for the charities that serve the residents of Manhasset.
The Manhasset Community Fund also serves, from time to time, as a source of funds for emergencies facing those charities.

Manhasset Community Fund  •  PO Box 322  •  Manhasset, New York 11030

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